About Our Community

The Mad River Valley may be famous for its tourism attractions, but there is more substance and depth to this location than that.

The Valley is a clearly defined geographic area created by the river that runs through it. The villages of Warren and Waitsfield, set along the river, received their charters more than 200 years ago in the mid-18th century. With Fayston, the communities survived on farming and saw prosperity for a time through manufacturing, using the river to power mills. Moretown brought logging and lumber mills along the Mad River.  In the 1920’s a disastrous flood crippled the towns and their industries. It wasn’t until post-World War II, with the beginnings of the ski industry that the Mad River Valley started to prosper again. Its natural beauty, coupled with the attraction of the mountains, drew new residents–a diverse and cultured group, many retreating from the clutter of big city living, to the Mad River Valley.

Today this caring community of Valley towns has fostered a unique life style that encompasses a diverse group of people with a common love for this unspoiled area. The Valley is not a manufactured tourist attraction; it is a real community–a good, decent place to live, which makes it a wonderful place to visit.